Fire retardatn bubble foil heat insulation material(for buildings roof.wall and ceilling

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Product Description:This new heat insulation material fills the
gap in domestic heat insulation material field, which combines
aluminum foil’s dual effect of reflecting light and heat and
non-woven cloth’s excellent softness and pull resistance. This
product consists of aluminum foil and non-woven cloth, which are
processed by special machines. It’s smellless and innocuous and
its aluminum foil’s heat preservation and insulation characte-
ristics enable this product have a variety of usages, most widely
used as the interlayer material of boxes ,bags and ice bags .

1. Warm preservation for pipes, heat insulation and water proof
material of roofs.
2. Moisture barrier mat used on sand beach, for camping and
traveling …
3. Sun blocking for vehicles, sun light resistant cushion for
motorbike, covers for cars and air conditioners .
4. Packing of home appliances, precision instruments, top grade
porcelain and other arts and crafts .
5. Packing for variety of products including products requires
cold storage
  • ROHS
  • ISO9001
  • SGS
  • AWTA

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