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Product characteristics and applicability of BD battery van
1.BD battery van are widely used in the factory, station, wharf, warehouse, railway work place such as goods transportation,is the ideal green environmental protection short-distance transport tools.
2.Has the beautiful appearance,driving comfort,no noise,no pollution,stable performance,accelerating performance is good,climbing performance is superb,small in turning radius,simple operation,convenient maintenance.
3.Can be customized large-tonnage van for customer.

Specifications:(Can be customized)
Nominal load capacity: 2000~20000 kg (According to different type)
Climbing ability: 10×12(%*m)
Minimum turning radius: 3850~6500 mm (According to different type)
Minimum groud clearance: 100~130 mm (According to different type)
Vehicle dimension: 3360*1420*(1300/1800)mm (L.W.H)
Platform(long*width): 2100*1420~4000*2000mm (According to different type)
Motor power: 3~20 kw (According to different type)
Weight: 1340~5500 kg (According to different type)
Battery pack: 48/250,48/330,48/500,80/600,80/1000 V/Ah
  • ISO-9001

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