BDB van with explosion-proof battery

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BDB van with explosion-proof battery
Product characteristics and applicability of BDB van with explosion-proof battery
1.BDB van with explosion-proof battery Widely used in petroleum,chemical industry,military,textile,warehouse,the paint,pharmaceutical and other industries with contain flammable gas,liquid in and other explosive environment of 12 division,2division.
2.The product has lower noise,no pollution,driving comfort,traction strong,their climbing ability strong,high security,turned to significantly dexterity,simple operation,convenient maintenance,long life battery service,charging quickly,is the ideal green short-distance transport vehicles.
3.Can be customized large-tonnage explosion-proof van for customers.

Specifications:(Can be customized)
Nominal capacity: 2000~20000 kg(According to different type)
Climbing ability: 10×12, 8×12, 6×20 (%×m)
Minimum turning radius: 3850~6500 mm (According to different type)
Minimum ground clearance: 100~130 mm (According to different type)
Vehicle dimension: 3360*1420*(1300/1800) mm (According to different type)
Platform(long*width): 2100*1420mm
Explosion-proof power supply device: 48/250,48/330,48/500,80/600 V/Ah
Weight: 1450~6500 kg (According to different type)
Motor power: 3~20 kw
Packaging according to your requirement
  • ISO-9001

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