CPCB balance weight forklift with explosion-proof of internal 2-5tons

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CPCB balance weight forklift with explosion-proof of internal 2-5tons
Explosion-proof diesel forklifts
1.Choose high performance engine,strong power
2.Imported products for key explosion-proof parts,explosion-proof performance is reliable.
3.The forklift is intelligent control,speeding,super temprerature automatic stop.
4.The combustible gas concentration automatic monitoring alarm
5.Explosive-proof grade ExⅡ2GⅡBT4
6.Apply to loading and handling in petroleum,military,textile,the paint,pharmaceutical and other industries with contain flammable gas,liquid in and other explosive environment of 1 division,2 division.

Specification:(Can be customized)
Power type:diesel
Rated load:2500~3500kg
Load center distance:500mm
Maximum lifting height:3000mm
Minimum turning radius:2280~2500mm
Minimum stacking channel width:2250~2600mm
Maximum speed(empty/carrying):20.5/18, 19.5/18, 20/19km/h
Maximum lift speed(empty/carrying):480/460mm/s
Door frame tilt angle:6/12deg
Maximum climbing ability:20%
Weight :4300kg
Goods fork size:45*125*1070mm
Minimum ground clearance:130mm
Engine type:490BPG
Power/speed:37/2650 kw/r
Battery:12/100 V/Ah
Packaging according to your requirement
  • ISO-9001

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