led ceiling panel light

led ceiling panel light

led aluminium light panel

Product ID: CS62-EGV

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Speciafications of led panel light 8 inches :

· Dimensions:Custom sizes and shapes up to 1200mm x 1500mm

· Depth:12mm deep

· Edge-lit Panel:Laser dotted high purity acrylic

· Illumination:High-brightness white LEDs or RGB LEDs embedded in the side of the acrylic.

· Power:LEDs powered by energy efficient 24 volt supply via an inline transformer.

· Long life span over 70,000 hours, maintenance free.


1. Energy saved up to 80%, high brighness, even lighting output.

2. 10 years life time.

3. Wide range of input voltage: AC100-277V.

4.Instant star, no flicking, no humming.

5. New high efficiency constant current driver.

6. Special circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting output caused or influenced by sing faulty LED.

7. No electrical wave, conforming to CE.

8. Green environmental protection, lead-free material,

9. No RF interference.

10.Installation: Embed, mounting, suspending

11.Warranty:2 years for LED source and driver

12.Application: Meeting room, factory office building, comercial plazas, public facilities, schools, hosiptals and places which need energy saving and high color rendering index etc.

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