Lithium Ion Military Battery BB-2590/U

Product ID: BB-2590/U

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Rechargeable lithium ion military battery BB-2590/U
NSN: 6140-99-676-4908
High performance rechargeable lithium ion battery with instantaneous start up
Dual state of charge "gas gauge" LCD displays, durable high impact plastic housing and connector enclosure
High capacity, performance verified, hermetically sealed, lithium-ion cells, protection against short circuit and improper charge
For use in: PRC-104, PRC-119(SINCGARS), PRC-138, KY-57 and other equipment
Replacement for: BB-2590/U, BB-590/U, BB-390A/U, BA-3590/U, BA-5290/U, BA-5590/U
Cell Chemistry: Rechargeable, lithium ion Battery
Nominal Voltage: 30 Volts or two 15V sections depending on connection
Typical Capacity: 7.2Ah at 30V, 14.4Ah at 15V at 2A discharge
Max Discharge: 12.0A in 15V mode, 6.0A in 30V mode
Max Pulse Discharge: 36.0A in 15V mode, 18.0V in 30V mode
Nominal Dimensions: 112 x 63 x 127 mm
Nominal Weight: 1.36kg
Connector: Equivalent to SC-C-179495
Case Material: Modified ABS, drab olive green
Operating Temperature: - 40℃ to +65℃
Shelf Life: Five (5) years under controlled storage.

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