Lithium-Ion Military Battery BB2847A/U

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Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Military Battery BB2847A/U Battery Pack
Nominal Voltage: 7.2 V
Nominal Capacity: 6.4 Ah
Display of Charge: 5 segment (20% sensitivity) LCD Display... If the capacity is fallen then 5%, first segment will flash and air use the user.
Nominal Dimensions:
Width: 38.60 mm
Length: 65.35 mm
Height: 95.20 mm
Weight: 360 g
Standard Charge: With 8.4 V/ 3A until change current reach
at 132mA for maximum 3 hours.
Standard Discharge Current: 1.32 A
Maximum Discharge Current: 10 A
End of Voltage: 5.5 V (2.75 V/cell)
Over Voltage Protection: 4.35V ±0.002V/cell- setting free 4.15V/cell
Under Voltage Protection: 2.75V ±0.002V/pil- setting free 3.0 V/cell
Operation Temperature Range: -Charge: between 0 and 45 centigrade. Discharge: between - 20 and 60 centigrade.
Storage Temperature: Recommended: lower than 21 centigrade. Permissible: 60 centigrade (maximum 28 days).

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