Lithium Manganese Dioxide Military Battery BA-5590/U

Product ID: BA-5590/U

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Non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide Military Battery BA-5590/U
Durable high impact plastic housing and connector enclosure, high reliability due to all welded construction
Unit contains safety vented cells and safety devices (fuse, TCO, diode)
For use in: PRC-104, PRC-113, PRC-119, PRC-138, KY-57 and other equipment
Replacement for: BA-5590/U, BA-3590/U, BB-490/U, BB-390A/U, BB-590/U, BA-5390/U
NSN: 6135-01-507-3613
Cell Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Typical Capacity: 9.0Ah per section
Nominal Voltage: 30 Volts or two 15V sections depending on connection
Cut off Voltage: 10V per section
Nominal Dimensions: 127 x 118 x 62 mm
Nominal Weight: 1.32kg
Typical Service Life: 9 hours at a constant current
discharge of 2A at 21 Celsius degree
Connector: 6 hole socket with silver plated contacts, to SC-C-179492
Case Material: ABS plastic
Operating Temperature: -20 to +55 centigrade
Storage Temperature: -40 to +55 centigrade
Shelf Life: Up to 5 years

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