Die Cut/Dual Handles Green Ultrasonic Embossing Bags

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Ultrasonic embossing bag is made of nonwoven cloth. Its specification, size, color, grams and printing advertisement or logo would be made as requested.

Ultrasonic embossing bag is a new environmental friendly product with properties of fine toughness, filterability, soft handling, nontoxic, large ventilation, hard wearing, high water pressure resistance and strong force, moisture proof, lighting, hard to combust, easy to decompose, colorful, etc.

Nonwoven cloth is made by using polypropylene as raw material with one-step production of high-temperature melting, spinning, silk spray, shop classes, and hot-rolled coil. It isn’t knitted together by yarn, but fiber conglutinated by ways of physical.

The product could naturally decompose outdoor in 90 days, but with 5 years lifetime indoor. It’s one of eco-friendly products accepted by world wide with nontoxic, odorless, no poison materials left, no polluting environment when combusted.

mainly used in shopping packaging, gifts as company exhibition and product promotion, advertisement for supermarket, mall, restaurant, hotel and wedding photography store, supply for boutique retailer and wholesaler.

DIY as you wish. OEM orders are warmly welcome!

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