High-Speed Model 2 Four-shuttle Circular Loom

Product ID: GS-YZJ-4-2

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The Plastic extruding machine has the following Features:
1) Adopts the foreign advanced technology
A) The mainframe adopted new-type high-effective extruder
B) These machines are applied to weave 600D-1800D flat film, and the woven bags produced by them are widely used for packing powder and granule
C) Especially, non-oil rolling shuttle type is much more energy saving (about 30%); the surfaces of woven bags are much more easy to coat and print because there is no oil spills on them.
2) The oven can be provided two types according to the requirements of the clients:
A) Traditional curved oven, it is cheaper.
B) This unit has the merit of high output, low energy consumption, compact structure, good quality, steady running, easy operation, good-looking outline, safe and reliable, etc.

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