single axis or triaxial piezoelectric vibration sensor accelerometer

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General Purpose Piezoelectric Accelerometers
Piezoelectric accelerometers offer tremendous versatility for shock and vibration measurements. These rugged sensors can withstand adverse environmental conditions. A wide variety of configurations are available to support multiple application requirements. Specialty units are also available through mechanical or electrical design adjustments or additional qualification testing.
There are two broad categories for piezoelectric accelerometers-those that contain built-in signal conditioning electronics (IEPE type) and those that do not (Charge Output(PE) type). Generally, IEPE accelerometers are preferred, due to ease of use and lower system cost. Charge Output accelerometers are used for high temperature environments, which would otherwise destroy the electrical components contained in an IEPE type.
Triaxial accelerometers offer simultaneous measurements in three orthogonal directions permitting the entire vibration being experienced by a st

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