free field explosion pressure

free field explosion pressure

quartz piezoelectric pressure sensor

Product ID: pressure sensor

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Our piezoelectric pressure sensors with IEPE amplified output are used for a variety of dynamic pressure measurements. The sensors are well suited for continuous operation in “dirty” environments, underwater, and in field test applications across long cables. Since special low-noise cable and charge amplifiers are not required, IEPE sensor systems are substantially lower in cost per channel. Because of the IEPE sensor’s low impedance output, superior signal-to-noise ratio, ability to drive long low-cost coaxial cables, they are ideal for virtually all dynamic pressure applications where sensor temperatures range from -40 to +121 °C). For higher temperature applications, charge output sensors are available for use up to +250 °C.
Although piezoelectric pressure sensors are primarily recommended for dynamic pressure measurements, some quartz pressure sensors have long discharge time constants that extend low-frequency capability to permit static calibration and measurement of quasi-stati

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