Distribution power transformers oil-immersed transformer single phase three phase transformer

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Type and Rating

· Capacity range :50-50000KVA

· Secondary voltage: 415V ,400V etc.

· Frequency :50Hz ,60Hz

· Type: Single phase ,three phase

· No-load tap changer and on-load tap changer


· Set-up and set-down type

Standard: IEC60076-1, IEC60076-2, IEC60076-5, IEC60317, ANSI, IEEE, AS, etc.

Conditions of service

Altitude: Up to 1,000m above sea level

Ambient temperature:

Max. +40℃

Average (daily, Max.) +30℃

Average (yearly, Max.) +20℃

Min. -45℃

Environment: Outdoor

Special conditions:

It may be consulted between manufacturer and customer.
  • 9001

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