Corner Connector Automatic Heavy-Duty Cutting Saw for Aluminum Window and Door

Product ID: LJJA-500

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1. Equipment Features:
1. Used for corner connector of aluminum profile and plastic profile cutting.
2. Imported carbide saw blade is of accurate processing and high efficiency.
3. High-power motor makes the cutting easily.
4. Linear bearing motion pair gave less resistance force and ensured high processing accuracy.
5. The PLC control and auto-feeding system with high efficiency is suitable for large volume production.
6. It has features of easy operation, reliable performance, advanced technique and convenient maintenance etc.
7. Clamping and feeding process adopt pneumatic control; It is with features of high automation, reliability and production efficiency.
8. Extensive range of processing dimension and suitable material.

2.Main specification and technical parameter:
Power supply: 380V 50Hz
Cutting motor power: 3kw
Motor rotary speed: 2840r/min
Operation air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa
Air consumption: 80L/min
Auto-feeding length: 5~580mm
Cutting length: No limit when selected manual mode
Cutting speed: 0-3m/min
Blade specification: 500X30X4.4X Z120
Blade W x H: 120X120 mm
Cutting surface plane: +/-0.10mm
Cutting surface verticality: 0.1mm
Cutting surface roughness: Ra12.5uM
Contour dimension: 5670 mmX1770mmX1840mm(LXWXH)
Weight: 740kg
  • 9001:2000

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