New Tire Repairs Cold Patch (USA style)

Product ID: SP-3301

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This kind of cold patch has vulcanization function which is used not only in normal temperature but also in high temperature. It is the most advanced material in congener field at present. On the one hand it can be applied in adherence with tire by chemical method. That is this product can vulcanize itself in cold repairing only by solution or some certain temperature. On the other hand it can be vulcanized absolutely in high temperature or hot vulcanization such as face lifting.
How to use in cold vulcanization:
Gelatinize two or three times on the face of rubber. Some time later for dryness cold patch can joint with tire. Under some pressure there will be vulcanization phenomena. It can make them combined firmly. Therefore this repairing means is permanent and secure.
How to use in high temperature or hot repairing
Our product is vulcanized absolutely when it is used in hot repairing by vulcanization machine. They are different from other congener inner tube cold patch, which will break off when heated. The hot vulcanization temperature is 150℃*10minutes.
Cold patch sticky intensity: 8N/MM

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