Seaming Welder

Seaming Welder

Welder machine

Product ID: TOP-2000A

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Thank you very much for choosing our “Automatic TOP2000A Hot Air Welder”. We believe that this will be your best choice for your business. This equipment is designed professionally for seaming PE , PVC and painting banners.
To help you understand the characters features of this equipment and know how to operate safely and keep in good condition etc. We give you THE MANUAL OF INSTRDUCTIONS for your reference. Although the machine is produced well and passed the strict quality examination in our factory before we deliver the machine to you, the effects of the function will be absolutely caused by the improper operation or without complete maintenance. For the reason of safety and the excellent performance of the machine, please read and follow the directions before operation. Please keep in mind that all the danger would be caused by carelessness and not reading the manual carefully.

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