Digital Quran Point Muslim Reading Pen

Digital Quran Point Muslim Reading Pen

Digital Holy Quran Point Muslim Reading Pen - (Rechargeable, 4GB)

Product ID: TCGB0605

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Digital Holy Quran Point Muslim Reading Pen - (Rechargeable, 4GB)


Build in 4GB Memory, TF card slot, supporting TF card
Special beautiful design
Build-in super speaker
Perfect Quran book and Arabic book


It is the most advanced Quran read pen, which we applying the latest technology for transmission of the Quran. Its most outstanding feature is the ability to meet customers various operational needs.
- Read the complete Holy Quran printed in Uthmanic font. It can read any page, Surah or Ayat by touching the text of the Quran;
- Translation: it is available for customer to customize language;
- Next: you can directly read the next sentence without clicking on Quran;
- Built in battery, USB charger;
- Dual-magnetic loudspeaker: the voice is loud and clear;
- Online data download: they are available on our website;
- Elegant exterior design; superior quality; high practical; shockproof;
- Additional function card: Mp3,Recording,Volume adjustment; Reading speed adjustment, Listen and read, Read any page, Surah and Ayat, Holy Names, Daily Doaa, Hajj function, Option of reciters.

OEM is Welcome! We can print customers artwork and logo.
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual, USB Charger, Earphone

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