10t on-rail  transfer cart

10t on-rail transfer cart

KPD Series transfer carts

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Transfer cart is a kind of material handling equipment made by xinxiang Hundred Percent Electrical&Mechanical Company.
KPDZ Transfer Trolley. Its power is supplied with single-phase 36V low voltage unit. DC motor drive.
The working principle : AC 380V is transformed into AC 36V by way of transformer into rails, and then sent to the current rectifier on the truck, which supply 36V direct current to DC motor.
Advantage: Rails are electricity conductor instead of cable. You need not worry about rail circuit impacted, and staff wouldnt care about pulling or drawing cable in case of injuring it.
It includes KPD type(two rails offer power, use single phase motor); KPDS type(three rails offer power, use triphase motor); KPDZ(two rails offer power, use DC motor after current commutating). The kind of flat car isnt suitable for seeper environment.
  • ISO900.UL.CE

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