use for transfer hot metal

use for transfer hot metal

50t Ladle transfer car

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Ladle transfer car also can be called molten steel transporter or Tundish transfer car.With socience and technology developement and fierce competition,the enterprises adopt new technology to lower own production cost and make them in the advantage position in the competition.So do the steel enterprises.The ladle transfer car appears under this condition.It can help the steel plant increase the production efficiency and reduce the product cost.
Ladle transfer car is used for transfer hot metal (steel or iron) in the foundry plant.It`s load rang is from 1ton to 300tons.It is designed on the base of the KPT Series(line cable) or KPJ series(cable reel) because it`s anti-heat feature.It`s power is AC 380v.
Large scale metallurgy or refining line,especially for steel plant.
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