roof solar energy system

roof solar energy system

3000w home solar energy system, solar power system

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Off-grid solar system is mainly used for application with relatively small power consumption, and the areas have no grid network coverage, or grid power is in serious unstable or outage condition.

3000W Off-grid Solar System include
Solar panel: 190W; 16pcs
Controller: 48V60A; 1 set
Inverter: 3500W; 1 set
Battery: 12V200AH; 8pcs
Mounting system: 1 set
Cable: 80m

1. Suitable Daily Consumption: Less 10KWH
2. Allowable Max Loads Power: 3500W
3. Above system is for reference. It can be adjusted base on actual condition
4. Power output data is base on areas with daily average peak power of 4.5 hours
5. The battery capacity is designed for power storage of 1.5-2 days PV output
6. Solar panel rack can be specially designed base on site condition

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