Light Source SMD LED

Light Source SMD LED

Unique design high power waterproof led grow lights for flowers

Product ID: TLG-10

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New design more color waterproof 5000lm 45*3w(90w)led plant grow light

1.Use high efficient 3w LED as the light source, based on 90*1 high power LEDs with metal cover , built in 2 pcs 45w constant current source , it will more energy efficient

2.Input voltage : 85-260V,easy to use and safety , suitable for all the countries.

3. Lifespan: over 50000 hours.

4.Built-in 3 pcs fans , solve the heat dissipation excellently to keep the product in normal use.


Size(mm): 831x129x50mm Power(watt) 90W(45x3W)
Input voltage(V) AC85-260V Lumens(Lm) 5000 lm
Input current(A) 1.17/0.38A Lifespan(hrs) 50,000 Hours
Work frequency(Hz) 50/60 Hz

The height above the plant(m):2~3m
The best lighting time per day(hrs):10~16hrs

1Color: red and blue, Orange, White etc.
2 Powerful 90W LED grow light can replace standard 250W HPS grow light
3 high efficiency,save 85% power consumption save electricity bills, save money for the end user
4 unique design, light and beautiful
5 no need outside power suppl,y convenient to use
6 use built-in switching mode power supply,above 95% efficiency

7running quiet and cool, no need heat-removal equipment
8 Ideal for all phases of plant growth
9 plug-and-play grow light,no need any accessories Any plug are available
10 good aftersales service, 3 years warranty

1)Indoor used only
2)Dont use in dripping water or drippi ng irrigation place to avoid light damage.
3)The led grow light lighting time plus sunlight lighting time should be 10-14hrs.
There is an old saying too much water drowned the miller. No time rest and
digestion-absorption,it will affect the growing speed.

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