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ULN2003A is a seven-way inverter circuit, that is, when the input is high ULN2003A output is low when the input is low ULN2003A output is high. Some devices can be used as such as a stepping motor drive circuit.
ULN2003A internal circuit diagram
Basic parameters
Module Configuration: 7 NPN
Voltage, Vceo: 50V
Collector Current: 500mA
DC Current Gain hFE: 1000
Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to +85 ° C
Package Type: PDIP
Pins: 16
Package Type: DIP
Transistor count: 7
Surface Mount Devices: through-hole mounting device label: 2003
Maximum continuous current, Ic: 500mA
Chip Number: 2003
Maximum input voltage: 30V
Input Type: 5V TTL CMOS
Maximum output voltage: 50V
Maximum output current: 0.6A
Channels: 7
Logic Function Number: 2003

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