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Product ID: EPM7128SLC84-15

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EPM7128 is a large-scale programmable logic devices, as ALTERA company MAX7000 series of products with high impedance, electrically erasable and other characteristics, can be used as a door unit 2500, the maximum delay between the pins of 5ns, operating voltage of +5 V.
Basic parameters
Programmable Logic Type: PLD
Logic chip functions: Programmable ISP
The basic logic chips Number: 7128
Input / Output lines: 84
Macrocells: 128
Frequency: 95.2MHz
Input / output interface standards: TTL, CMOS
Supply Voltage Min: 3V
Supply Voltage Max: 3.6V
Package Type: TQFP
Operating temperature range: 0 ° C to +85 ° C
SVHC (SVHC): Cobalt dichloride
IC label: 7128
Propagation delay time: 10ns
Base Number: 7128
Package Type: stripping formula
Power supply voltage: 3.3V
Surface Mount Devices: Surface Mount
Enter the number of: 84
Logic Function Number: 7128
Pin Count: 100
Gate Number: 2500

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