4GB OEM pen Driver

4GB OEM pen Driver

4GB OEM pen Driver

Product ID: LK-U5

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4GB OEM pen Driver

1.capacities :128MB-16GB
2.fashionable available
3.Hi-speed usb2.0 certified
4.compatible with usb1.1
5.for Mac and PC,no driver required
6.functions as hard drive


Product Parameter description:

1, shell color of any custom-made according to the number, LOGO can choose to screen printing and color printing.

2, the structure of metal and plastic parts, retractable flexible switch. After the band key chain, easy to carry, not easy to lose.

3, support for black colloidal assembly. Within the core prices excluding the price. With the volume size can be added to.

4, packing boxes can choose.


1, with USB 2.0 interface, hot-swappable, plug and play;

2, no external power supply. With LED light display;

3, capacity: 32MB 64MB 128MB 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB;

4, using a variety of operating platforms WIN98/SE/ME/2000/XP etc.;

5, electronic storage media, flash memory chips with A-level. No mechanical components, anti vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference;

6, using CMB2091, 3S, SMI321/325, UT163/165, AU6983/6986 so super stable;

7, can provide encryption;

8, can be tailored to LOGO, AUTORUN automatically play;

9, reading and writing speed: USB2.0 writing speed: 3 ~ 8MB / s read speed: 8 ~ 32MB / s;

10, data storage lasting stability, according to different storage medium, the highest frequency of use of 10 million.

Technical parameters:

1, the hardware requirements PC with USB interface, notebook computers, MAC

2, the operating system windows98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS9.X/Mac OS Linux2.4

3, power no external power supply, powered by the USB bus

4, the data read speed 8-10MB / s (computer configuration)

5, the data write speed of 6-8MB / s (computer configuration)

6, can create "USB HDD / ZIP" boot disk (with PC board support)

7, the working temperature is 10 °C -40 °C

8, Operating humidity 10% -90%

9, Storage temperature -20 °C -60 °C

10, 5% -95% Storage humidity

11, the system compatible with the table:

12,Compatibility Table:

Operating System
File Transfer

Windows 7 Yes

Windows Vista? Yes

Windows ReadyBoost No

Windows XP Yes

Windows 2000 Yes

Mac OS X v.10.3.x+ Yes

Linux v.2.6.x+ Yes

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