UYU SOLDERING IRON 40 60 80 100 150 200 300W

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40 60 80W
CTU040 40W 220V50HZ 10/60pcsCTU040-P 40W 110V60HZ 10/60pcs
CTU040-L 40W 220V50HZ 10/60pcs CTU060 60W 220V50HZ 10/60pcs
CTU060-P 60W 110V60HZ 10/60pcs CTU060-L 60W 220V50HZ 10/60pcs
CTU080 80W 220V50HZ 10/60pcs CTU080-P 80W 110W60HZ 10/60pcs
CTU080-L 80W 220V50HZ 10/60pcs
100 150 200 300W:
CTU100 100W 220V50HZ 5/30pcs CTU100-P 100W 110V60HZ 5/30pcs
CTU100-L 100W 220V50HZ 5/30pcs CTU150 150W 220V50HZ 5/30pcs
CTU150-P 150W 110V60HZ 5/30pcs CTU150-L 150W 220V50HZ 5/30pcs
CTU200 200W 220V50HZ 5/20pcs CTU200-P 200W 110V60HZ 5/20pcs
CTU200-L 200W 220V50HZ 5/20pcs CTU300 300W 220V50HZ 5/20pcs
CTU300-P 300W 110V60HZ 5/20pcs CTU300-L 300W 220V50HZ 5/20pcs

40 60 80W
Nickel-plated tip with copper cores, natural mica, nickel chrome heating element, stainless steel barrel, service
life: Greater than 500 hours,1.4m cable,An impact- and heat-resistant handle
100 150 200 300W:
Nickel-plated angled flat head tip with copper cores, natural mica, nickel chrome heating element
stainless steel barrel,service life: Greater than 300 hours
1.4m cable
An impact- and heat-resistant handle

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