VCI Self Seal Bag

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VCI Bags /VCI Plastic Bags/VCI Anti-rust Packaging:
VCI Antirust Plastic Self Seal Bag is made by VCI corrosion inhibitor and PE materials. Opening and closing the bag is convenient,no hot sealing nor glue,recycle,high efficiency, reduce cost.
1.With good corrosion inhibitive function.Validity period of antirust will be over 2 years.
3.Clean,safe to environment,recycle
4.Good printing technology
5.Easy to use
6.Also with waterproof,dampproof
7.Suitable to military project,machine,auto parts,hardware etc.Anti-corrosion for the treating,storage and transport of Metals&Steel;
8.High efficiency,low cost.

1. Auto parts,machinery components etc;
2. Hardware, sophisticated equipment etc
3.Aviation,shipbuilding industry;
4. Power tool,mould,knife and measure tool etc
5. Medical apparatus and instruments,precision mechanism and equipments
6. Computer and others electrical equipments;
7. Micro-machine, bearing,IC products,circ

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