Under counter type dishwasher U-1

Under counter type dishwasher U-1

Under counter type dishwasher

Product ID: U-1

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Under-counter Glass and Dish washer

Ideal for: Medium and small hotels, coffee shops, bars and other catering industries
Characteristics and Advantages:
☆ AISI304 Stainless Steel
☆ Upper and lower flexible rotating wash and rinse arms, corner spray-free
☆ 40 Racks per hour, multiple wash cycles 180s/120s/90s meet different washing needs
☆ Double skin door, heat preserving and noise reducing
☆ Microcomputer control, wash and rinse temperature can be set as required

Technical Data:
Name/Model U-1
Heating Electricity
Appearance(mm) 600×600×820
Gross weight(Kg) 62
Passing width(mm) 508
Max clear entry height(mm) 330
Max capacity(rack/hour) 40
Water consumption(Liter/rack) 2.8
Wash tank capacity(liter) 28
Booster capacity(liter) 7.7
Wash temperature(℃) 60-65
Rinse temperature(℃) 82-90
Wash cycles(s) 180/120/90
Diameter of water inlet hose(in) 3/4
Diameter of drainpipe(in) 11/4
Incoming water pressure( Kg/cm2) 2-5
Incoming water hardness(g/l) 0.034-0.103

Optional configuration:
Power requirements 220V/50Hz/1P 380V/50Hz/3P
Incoming water temperature(℃) 40-60 10-60
Tank heater (Kw) 3 2.8
Booster heater(Kw) 3 6
Wash pump(Kw) 0.4 0.4
Total connected load(Kw) 3.4 6.4
Total amps required(A) 16 10
Cross section of cable( mm2) 4 2.5
Rated current of air circuit 25 16

Optional Accessories:
Detergent dispenser, Rinse aid dispenser
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