PE-AL-PE composite pipe

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Efield Aluminum -plastic composite pipe is consists of aluminum sheet with inner and outer
layer plastic ,tightly bonded with a special adhesive to the aluminum sheet that is
welded in overlapping and butt welding way.
It have advantage of both metal and plastic pipesit can be used in:
1.Pipes for hot and cold water pipeline system in industry and residential area.
2.Pipes for industry and chemical liquids conveying .
3.Pipes for conveying drinking water .
4.pipeline for compressed air.
5.Heating system under floor and wall.
Main Characteristics
Thermal conductivity 0.45w/(m.k.)
Coefficient of heat expansion 0.025mm/(m.k)
Bend radius ≥5D(D means outside diameter)
Oxygen-permeability 0
Coefficient of heat roughness 0.0004mm
other Static-free,longevity
Following is the condition we must go by when we use it:
Specification Minimum Min pipe long-term working temperature working pressure
burst pressure ring strength hydrostatic strength °C
mm (Mpa) (N) (Mpa) cold pipe hot pipe (Mpa)
1216 7 2300 2.7 -40~60 -40~95 1.0
1418 6 2300 2.7
1620 6 2300 2.7
2025 5 2500 2.7
2632 4 2500 2.3
3240 4 3500 2.1
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