plasma cutting machines

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System Feature
High-reliability, Prevents system from strong plasma disturbs and lightning strike etc;
32MB storage space, the cutting program can have 10000 lines;
Chinese and English can switch easily, can execute, display and save Chinese file name;
Rich software function, embedded cutting technique, specialty is dealing with little line, it is used widely in Ad, Iron technique etc;
Can extend to 4 axes synchronized function;
Dynamic shape attach 10.4 LCD display;
Adopt USB disk to Read/Write program to upgrade software.

Hardware Specifications
Industrial grade ARM7 chip;
System offers: Input 16 ports, output 14 ports;
Synchronization: Two axes, can extend to Four axes;
Pulse Equivalence: Electronic gear, numerator and denominator can reach to 1-65535.
Max speed: When the Pulse Equivalence is 1μ, max ospeed is 6m/minute;
User’s programspace:16-32M;
Size: 410*310*119(mm);
Work Temperature: 0℃– +40℃ Storage Temperature: – 40℃ -- +60℃

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