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Personal Home Theater_ Pico & Hand-held Micro Led Projector:

Basic Features

* Scrub style full metal shell, Hand-held Micro Led Projector, comfortable hand sense.
* The latest three-color "RGB" LED Source,Optical engine with "LCOS" image-driven display technology, and life abover 20,000 hours, so 10-years do not change the three-color "RGB" LED source.
* Physical resolution of 1024x600, 16:9 widescreen handheld micro projector.
* Standard Projection brightness up to 230 lumens (nominal 280 lumens).
* Supports up to Full HD/1080P through the HDMI port.
* Contains the standard port: 1 channel HDMI, 1xUSB port, 1xSD card reader slot
* With USB, SD multimedia MP4 functions: USB, SD multimedia video decoding capacity Up to 720P
* Best For gift market, mobile business market,Personal Home Theater

* Logic Wireless Bolt
The pico projector will continue to be integrated into other mobile technologies such as cameras, computers, cell phones, media players, PDAs and gaming devices provided that the power management and cost can be effectively managed. As a stand-alone device, the pico projector is about the size of a cell phone and fits easily in your pocket. On average a pico projector is about an 8th the size, a 4th the weight, a 10th the brightness , and a 3rd the cost of a pocket projector, but with slightly less resolution (640 x 480) than a pocket projector (800 x 600). A few pico projectors are even lower resolution (480 x 320). But VIVIBRIGHT Pico Projector Native 1024x600Pixels

* All of the stand-alone models we have seen will accept a higher resolution, in some cases as high as WXGA. The higher resolutions will be scaled down to fit the resolution of the pico projector. But for best results, try and set your input source to match the resolution of the pico projector.

* About a dozen manufacturers have announced or are shipping their first pico projectors either as stand-alone units or integrated into other handheld devices. You can expect to find some of these models under other names as private labeling is a common practice.

* Picos use LEDs as their light source, which means the light source will outlive the projectors useful life and provide efficient use of your battery power. The display technology will either be DLP? or LCoS and you might consider looking at both technologies to see if you have a preference. Laser technology is also in development, but to our knowledge no laser units are shipping. Since projectors tend to get less bright the smaller you make them, it should come as no surprise that pico projectors are dimmer than their

* Where are pico projectors headed?
Pico projectors will migrate into the devices they attach to. This should happen quickly as it is a natural evolution that eliminates cables, reduces cost and greatly enhances usefulness. The driving factor will be cost, power management, space considerations and market appeal. In other words, for your iPod to become an iProjector, it will need to maintain its look, feel and usefulness and offer a benefit that justifies the cost increment. When you order up your next camera, computer, cell phone, media player or gaming device, you may well be asked "Would you like a pico with that?".
* The evolution of digital projectors began about 20 years ago with products that were big, expensive and of limited performance. Today VIVIBRIGHT Pico Pocket Projector PLED-X2 Have Arrived! if you
e looking for a personal projector that fits comfortably in your pocket and is suitable for video or data viewing by yourself or with a few friends or associates, the VIVIBRIGHT pico projector PLED-X2 Maybe is you need.
  • ISO9001:2000

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