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PLX9100ST Short Throw Projector With HDMI Port Basic Features:
1;Perfect Image quality With a Pixelworks™ Processor.by SONY "BrightEra" 3LCD Panels

2;Perfect for the Home Cinema and Classroom & meeting rooms.
3;Easy installation & No Glare - short throw lens
4;3500ansi Lumens Brightness(Typical),Native 1024x768Pixels resolution.
5;With HDM Port,Digital connectivity, HDMI-Perfect Full HD display
6;Premium network functions & No additional speakers required
7;Auto signal search and Distinctive Vertical ±40° Auto Keystone Correction…
8;18 OSD User language for Global Governments Education tender market Perfect choice.

Standard I/O (input / Output) Based on PLX9000ST additional increase HDMI Port ,entirely suitable for all needs as home Cinema, and the School education market;Crystal clear images- HDMI connectivity, Native XGA,specifically for Small room or very little space home cinema.
About VIVIBright PLX9100ST:
= > Why do we need this Short throw Projector?
Small room or very little space? A short throw projector is the key. Able to project a huge screen from less than 1m distance,Less than 1 meter distance, the projected area of up to 82 inches (diagonal), VIVIBright short

throw models meet the demanding requirements of smaller environments. High quality detailed shadow-free presentation are now available from VIVIBright short throw range.
Whether it is narrow and small meeting rooms or the desktop display
VIVIBright PLX9100ST can project a very large screen at the same time effectively prevent the teachers block the projected image, so that the teaching process more smoothly.

= > Perfect 3LCD technology !
3LCD technology is the use of the dichroic mirror decomposition of white light emitted red, green and blue color beams, three-color beam through the prism through their own LCD panels synthesis projected onto the

screen. Compared with other projection systems, 3LCD projection system, a wider color gamut, the projected image is richer real.

= > Thickening of dustproof nets.
In the projector profile, equipped with removable dustproof nets, sponge thickness is greater than 5 mm, isolate effectively smoke, dust invaded, more may at any time convenient to remove, cleaning, maintenance

more easily…

= > With SONY "BrightEra" 3 LCD Technology; What is "BrightEra"?
"BrightEra" microdisplay devices are HTPS TFT transmissive LCD devices that employ an inorganic alignment film and new LCD materials, which Sony led the industry in successfully developing.
This inorganic alignment film and new LCD materials are original technologies developed by Sony to achieve the high picture quality and high durability of the reflective.
The "BrightEra" is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

= > Efficient dust - proof, strong heat dissipation
Wide flow cooling solution,Optimized cooling design, the use of multi-point thermal dedicated airflow import / export, powerful blow in addition to the accumulated heat within the Projector; even in the thin air at high

altitudes also stable.
  • ISO9001:2000

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