VIVIBRIGHT PLX8500 portable interactive projector for school Education tender merket

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PLX8500 Interactive Projector Basic Features:
1).Perfect Image quality With a Pixelworks™ SONY "BrightEra" 3LCD Panels
2).True Color 3LCD For Home Cinema&School Education more better than DLP type.
3).3500ansi Lumens Brightness(Typical),Native 1024x768Pixels resolution.
4).2500:1 Contrast Ratio,Zoom Lens,230W USHIO Lamp 6000Hrs Life.
5).Auto signal search and Distinctive Vertical ±40° Auto Keystone Correction
6).18 OSD User language for Global Governments Education tender market Perfect choice.
About VIVIBright PLX8500
1).Why do we need this PLX8500 Interactive Projector?
PLX8500 Interactive Projector is one of VIVIBRIGHT Interactive Projector. It combines Interactive electronic white board with the projector. PLX8500 Interactive Projector brings a new mode of teaching and equipment. Its convenient for Teaching Work, Project onto existing Projection imaging or whiteboards or directly onto the wall –anywhere your instructional creativity takes you. The need for any type of special display screen is eliminated, also thats a technology changes.
--- Why we said the PLX8500 Interactive Projector is your best choice;PLX8500 Interactive Projector makes any surface in your classroom interactive, allowing an immersive experience that helps teachers teach and students learn.
--- PLX8500 Interactive Projector standard accessories include the configuration of the specific location pen, its instead of the Computer mouse in the white board on the operation of the Operating functions, By using a special interactive pen, you can draw, point and click by touching the screen directly or from many feet away from the screen, PLX8500 Interactive Projector turns any wall into an interactive whiteboard and interacts from anywhere in the classroom! It is much more convenience for users.
  • ISO9001:2000

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