pure sine wave inverter

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Features of the product:
■ Pure sine wave inverter output,which is suitable for the using of household equipment such as TV sets,refrigerator,battery heater,electric fans,microwave oven,air conditioner and so on..
■ Microcomputer(CPU)control technique,micro controller Unit,superior performance.
■ Strong impact
■ Wide range of voltage regulator: 90V-280V, four regulators(three step-up,one step-down)。
■ Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Over-current protection, Over voltage protection, Low voltage protection, Over temperature protection,the performance is stable, reliable and durable.
■ Choose battery of anti-back connection,high and low voltage protection.
■ Special overload protection,locked the machine automatically when it is overload,restart automatically after recovery,if there is electricity it will automatically boot.
■ Inversion capability,frequency functions can be changed instantly, using with inductive load such as air condition, refrigerator,motor and so on..
■ A powerful charging current:300W-1000W to 15A, 2000W-5000W to 25A。
■ Clear and concise LED display or comprehensive personalized LCD for optional.
■ RS232 communication,computer detection ,UPS running.
■ Meet the requirements of different power supplying time.
■ Adopted imported advanced IGBT pipe.
■ Adopted valve regulated maintenance-free lead-acid batteries,intelligent management of battery,providing the battery over charge 、over discharge protection in order to length the life-span of the storage battery.

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