reinforcing mesh machine

reinforcing mesh machine

wire mesh machine

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Function features: motor drive
1. This kind machine is our latest developed reinforcing mesh welding machine.
2. The line wire and the weft wire are pre-straight and pre-cut. The line wire is feeding by the
servo motor, pulling the wire net by the servo motor auto.
3. The welding power comes from the spring. It is easy to control the welding pressure.
4. The weft wire feeding from the multi hopper which capacity is 1.5t, more over ten times than
the traditional hopper.
5. The new machine added the bear wire net and carries equipment that makes the working
more convenience. The welding part is used the springiness input wire trunking that makes
the welding copper use for long time.
6. 125KVA Transformer with water cooling system and separately welding controller.
7. This machine adopts synchronous control technique. The center-control and welding time
are composed of PLC program system. The input front-panel is touch screen, the operate is
more intelligent and reasona
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