Brass Castings Automatic Sand Core Making Machine

Product ID: SX-400C

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1.Steady blowing air-pressure can be adjustable, mold cavity can be fully stuffed.
2.Heating plate offers heat sufficiently, the quality of the sand core can be ensured.
3.Adjustable loading mold plate, avoiding wrong molds and air leakage.
4.Steady knockout, reducing knockout damage rate.
5.Unloading and conveying automatically, saving of labor and time.
6.Safety door design, working in safety condition is ensured.
7.PLC control system, hommization press button design, convenient and easy operation.
Model Number SX-400C
Place of Origin Xiamen China
Brand Name JOLOO
Industry Sanitary Production Machine
Max Weight of Sand Core 6 kg
Max Mold Dimension 400*280*200 mm
Heating Plate Dimension 350*200 mm
Heating Power 9.6 kw
Max Loose Core Stroke 125 mm
Shooting-sand Head Stroke ≤30 mm
Opening Stroke ≤300 mm
Shooting-sand Air-pressure 6-8 bar
Conveying Belt Dimension 2.2*0.4 m
Machine Dimension 3*1*2.2 m
Machine Weight 1500 kg
  • ISO9001-2000

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