CCTV Power Supply Box

Product ID: WT-005

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The WT-005 delivers a full 15 amps of DC current, enough to safely power up 9 CCTV cameras or 9 infra-red cameras. Perfect for a compact workplace or home office where you need to run your electronic equipment in a limited space. No need for additional power points and a single extension is sufficient to power nine (9) CCTV’s. This rigorously tested product is durable and features nine (9) power outputs for connecting multiple devices, and each of these voltage outputs provides fully REGULATED 12V DC voltage with 1500ma. Use it to power your electronic devices and keep wires and cables organized and mounted securely.

CCTV camera power supply distribution boxes allow you to easily manage all of the power to your cameras at a central point. This allows your camera installation to be neater. For example, instead of having 8 power supply plugs, plug into power strip/electric surge protector, all of your camera power wires can neatly be run to a power supply box. A power supply box is normally installed near your DVR and is very simple to install.

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