Good quality low price security steel door

Product ID: WNT-ST101

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1) Material cold-rolled steel (steel door)
2) Thickness of the door leaf 5cm/7cm/9cm
3) Frame outer sizes (H x W): a) 2,050 x 960mm
b) 2,050 x 860mm
c) 1,970 x 860mm
d) 1,970 x 960mm
4) Accessories adjustable reinforced hinges, specialty multi-point lock, handles,
peephole, hidden doorbell, rubber seal and magnetic seal, doorbell, installing
bolts, stainless steel threshold
5) Infilling honeycomb material
6) Opening direction inward / outward
7) Opening degree 90 degrees, 180 degrees
8) Lock handle position on left / on right
9) Colors diversified colors available

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