This is WS-A product

This is WS-A product

Dismountable Prefabricated House – WS

Product ID: WS-A Prefabricated

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1.The Features :
WS-A is the standardization, industrialization product. It owns about 40 years’ history and experience 15 times technology improvement during this period. The Dismountable Prefabricated House WS-A is widely used in more than 80 Countries and areas in the world by now.
WS-A has good dismountable performance, lossless in normal dismounting process, can be dismounted and assembled up to 10 times. It is the fastest and simplest prefabricated house in the dismountable prefabricated house area of the mainland.
WS-A uses completely dismountable structure of waterproof system. No more waterproof treatment needed after assemble.
Framework: Profiled bar+ galvanization+ electrostatic coating,
Wall: 50mm color steel sandwich panel with EPS inside.
Roof: 60mm color steel sandwich panel with EPS inside.
2. The Price:
USD 90.00/M2
3.The Size:
The Width:5048mm and 6000mm,no limitation in length,
High:2600mm,2700mm and other sizes can make to order.
4. Applications:

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