Wood flour machine

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The wood flour machine produces by Xinfei, also know as timber mill, wood grinder,or Wood shredder. The eco-friendly wood flour machine is the another new product in the wood flour machine market. This device processing high, double mouth, cuts not only rough and a large diameter logs ,but also can be make logs into sawdust. Loading a new material, plays a sound, heat function. XF new eco-friendly wood powder machine not only increases the power of production and the rates of crushing, but also extents the scope.From sawdust to Nutshell, From timber production to a variety of hard material crushing, It can complete all kinds of pieces, fine, super fine crushing efficiently.

Scope of wood flour machine:
The new eco-friendly wood powder machine from Xinfei used in material Crushing below: Bamboo powder, shell, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, konjac, Ma Xuan, rice husk, corn cob, straw, starch, food categories, shrimp, fish, shellfish, seaweed, dehydrated vegetabl

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