Bamboo shredder

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The dedicated bamboo shredder(timber mill) from Xinfei is an ideal crushing equipment for the production of a highly specialized bamboo powder before the procedure. The bamboo shredder is easy to operate, fast and easy to change tool. Turret optimal designed, claw-type knife dispersed the force, they made the force of every piece knife and shear increase, suitable for crushing thick material, hard material block. Effectively improving cutting force, reducing tool wear and tear; it designed safely with electronic control, material head with double structureand filled with soundproof material, make plastic crusher has a good safety and environmental protection, energy saving and durable.

The scope of the bamboo shredder:
This device makes the bamboo knot,bamboo slices, timber branches and other materials into sawdust in the first time. The machine from Xinfei owns the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, goodeconomic benefit

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