Ultra-fine mill

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This machine is mainly composed by the host, fans, separators, powder collector, dust and other components. The main machine divided into the crushing chamber, the Cypriot file room, fan room three parts. When the machine working, after the material from the inlet into the crushing chamber, The cutting of the impact and high gas injection between the blade that fixed in the spindle and the liner of chassis is going to crushing. The material crushed by the Cypriot file room was classified into the fan chamber. With the wind wheel blowning and the gravitation of the machine make the material into the separator. After grading process from the separator, the coarse material from the smash mouth back to crushing chamber is going to crushing again. Finished material was elicited by induced draft fan enters into powder collector bag packing. The wind was discharged by dust scattered wind device.

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wood crusher; metal grinder other shredder