Household wood grinder

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The household wood grinder is a series of special equipment for wood crushing. It is designed by Zhengzhou Xin fei machinery company after many years of study and it is based on the needs of Chinas industrial production. As the household wood grinder reasonable designed, compact structure, high safey, durable, high production efficiency, after promoting, it receives a good result. The whole device is only driven by a motor. It owns some advantages such as low noise, simple structure, compact layout, low price , stable-working, low energy consumption, high production, the finished sawdust has good quality, low-processing cost.

The principles of the household wood grinder:
  The household wood grinder from Xinfei is mainly consists of shavings device, crushing device and fans.It adopts the combination of blade cutting, high-speed airflow impact, collision and the function of double crushed. And it completes the separation of material processing at the same tim

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