AC Voltage Transformer (Dry Type Voltage Transformer)

AC Voltage Transformer (Dry Type Voltage Transformer)

Voltage Transformers

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Dry type voltage transformer, single and phase transformer Features: 1. There are air flows between coil s layer to layer and between coil to core, thus heat escapes quickly, and temperature rises lower. 2. There are no flammable insulating material on the coil surface and between coil layer and layer to avoid the fire hidden danger. 3. Small volume, light weight and good workmanship. 4. After vacuum pressure impregnating, the whole transformer is moisture proof and mildew proof. 5. Insulation class F or H. 6. Lower audio-noise. We produce various low voltage dry type iron core transformers: 1. Isolation transformer Used for safety isolation, lower leakage current, power conditioner for eliminating 3rd harmonic wave and common mode interference suppression. 2. Coupling transformer Applied for Active compensation of harmonic currents as output coupling to network. 3. Frequency variable and voltage variable VFVV inverter output transformer (40~600Hz)(0~400V).
  • 9001:2008,CE

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