sandwich panel

sandwich panel

Composite FRP/GRP sandwich panels

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Shenzhen Xin Tong Feng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)Co., Ltd. Composite FRP/GRP sandwich panels are lightweight laminated materials, proven concept of cored sandwich construction to with high strength composite panels and suitable for commercial refrigerated truck wall construction.
FRP/GRP sandwich panels provide an incredible structural engineering, they are light weight, non-magnetic, non-metallic, corrosion resistant performanceand excellent in thermal insulation. FRP/GRP sandwich panels composite by laminating FRP/GRP sheet as surface at both sides, inner core materials apply with optional Polyurethane Foam(PU), Extruded Polystyrenes Foam(XPS) and also Expanded Polystyrenes Foam(EPS)
Excellent stability,impact resistance and rigidness
Low thermal conductivity
Resistant to all types of weather
High tensile strength
Resistant to very corrosive environment
Easy to clean
Durable>15-20 years of use
FRP/GRP surface thickness:1.5mm-3.0mm,overall FRP/GRP panels thickness:50mm-150mm
Colors:white or according to requirement
Length cut as per customers requirement(provided it is suitable for transportation
Width:up to 2450mm
Density kg/m2:core materials 40kg/m2
Applicable temperature -40 to 120
Thermal conductivity:0.028/m.k(the actual values vary according to the cores materials that are used)
Applications :
Refrigerated truck bodies construction
Bonded truck bodies construction
Reefer container/trailer body construction
Incubation equipment
Cold storage and clean room construction
Tele-communication shelters
  • ISO9001:2008

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