Single channel passive video balun with tail

Product ID: HY-101C

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a) High quality zinc alloy Male BNC, stable video signal transmitting.

b) Compact design, can be installed side by side on the DVR neatly.

c) High quality discharging tube, perfect transient supression protection. Can work in bad weather.

d) CE, FCC, RoHs compliant, no importing obstruction.


Balun Type: Passive
Video transmitting distance 330m with passive video transceiver
1500m with active video transceiver
Video Formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
Crosstalk & noise immunity: 60dB
Built-in transient supression protection: Yes
Frequency Response: DC to 8MHz
Working temperature: -10 Celsius to + 70 Celsius
Storage Temperature: -30 Celsius to + 70 Celsius
Material: ABS Plastic

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