KRHD Flexible Steel Joint

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KRHD steel flexible joint(Clamping) is a kind of pipe connection, reliable performance, convenient installation. When low pressure, rely on the elastic deformation of sealing ring to gain the sealing purpose. When pressure increase, by medium function, in sealing ring, have the effect of self-sealing, left gap in the middle to compensae pipe displacement and flexing caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.


1.Compact, light weight and easy installation.

2.The OMEGA - shaped bellows can eliminate the defect of partial stress concentration and with good performance of absorb vibrations .

3.The thin walled multi - ply bellows provides superior useful isolating vibration /oscillation and with high security.

4.The multi - ply soft bellows not only grant high flexibility (low spring rate) with optimal absorbing capacity which same as rubber expansion joint , but also with a sensibly longer working expectancy .

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