HOWO heavy truck firefighting truck

HOWO heavy truck firefighting truck

HOWO heavy truck firefighting truck18771500288New zhong chang automobile mafacturer

Product ID: JDF5190GXFSG70Z

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Vehicle Model JDF5190GXFSG70Z type firefighting truck Chassis Type ZZ1167M4617C
Quality parameters (kg) Rated Loading Weight 7000 Dimensions 8820*2500*3450
Vehicle curb mass 11550 Envelope size
The total mass of the largest 19000 Axis distance 4600
Engine Parameters Type WD615.92 Manufacturer China Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.
Power 196/266hp Emission volume 266(Diesel engine)
Emission standards GB17691-2005 phase three, GB3847-2005By the number of quasix 2+4 Maximum speed Maximum speed Spring plate number 9/12,10/12,10/-
Tires 11.00-20,11.00R20 Front spension 1500 Rear verhang 2650
Axle load 6000/10000 Tread front 2022,2041 After the Tread 1830
Special features Tank capacity 8000L
Fire gun Type SP50 Range Water≥65m/1.0MPa
Fire pump (pump pressure) Type CB10/60 Flow 60L/S
Rated pressure 1.0MPa Diversion time ≤50s(7m deep absorption)
fire pump (in the low pressure pump) Type CB20.10/30.60 Diversion time ≤50s(7m deep absorption)
Low pressure current capacity 60L/s/1.0MPa MV traffic 30L/s/2.0MPa
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  • ISO9001-2000

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