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Good Heat insulation material 2mil Kapton Polyimide film 6051

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Polyimide Film 6051
Scope: The polyimide film is produced by adopting “Doctor-blading process”. It possesses hot-resistant, radiation resistant and excellent dielectric performance and applies to motor Grade H. electrical insulation as well as the electric engineering insulating materials for other usage.

I. Specifications:
Appearance: Smooth and bright film surface. The defects of folding, broken, particulate air bubble, pinpoint and foreign impurities, tidy edges and non damage the film provided in rolling.

1) Thickness and deviation of allowing:
Note: supply 125-225μm according to user’s enquiry too, allow both sides of supply and demand of the deviation to consult.
2) Width: not less than 250mm, deviation of ±1.6mm. According to the customer’s requirements, the different size of type can be made.
3)Length: supplied according to the customer’s requirements.
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