450/750v XLPE Insulated control cable

450/750v XLPE Insulated control cable

450/750v XLPE Insulated control cable

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450/750V PVC/XLPE insulated copper core woven screened control cable

1. The Control Cable products can be produced according to the standard GB9330-1988, and Control Cables are suitable for the connection of controlling electrical equipments and instrument meters, monitoring and controlling return circuit, protecting and measuring in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.

2. Type of Control Cable: KVV Control Cable, KVVP, KVVP2, KVV22, KVVR, KVVRP, KYJV, KYJVP, KYJV22 Control Cable, KYJV22, KYJVP2, KYJVR, KYJVRP Control Cable

Control cables are used in the site of control circuit, monitoring circuit and protective lines that have A.C rated voltage of 600/1000 V and below.


They comply well with IEC 60227, IEC60502, IEC 60332-3, IEC 60754-1 and IEC 61034 etc.


The maximum allowable temperature of conductor is 90 0C for XLPE cable or 700C for PVC cable at normal operation.

The temperature not less than 0 0C when cables laid.

Installation bending radius of cable: 6D for no-armor or with screen layer flexible cable.

12D for armor or copper tape screen cables.

(D=overall diameter of cable)

4Overhead insulated cables

1. Features:

This series includes:

A) Aerial bundled cables (ABC)

B) Copper conductor XLPE insulated overhead cables

C) Aluminum conductor XLPE insulated overhead cables

D) Copper conductor PE insulated overhead cables

E) Aluminum conductor PE insulated overhead cables

2) Cores: Single, duplex, triplex, quadplex

3) Relative manufacturing standards: IEC, BS, ASTM, DIN, AS/NZS

Packing: In coils or standard export wooden drums
  • CCC
  • ISO
  • IEC60502 and IEC60331

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