Copper Wire Braid Twisted computer cable

Copper Wire Braid Twisted computer cable

Copper Wire Braid Twisted computer cable

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Copper Core Braid Twisted Shield Computer Cable
standard (equal to BS5308-86)


It is used as signal transmission and connection of checking appliances of distribution system, computer system and automatic system of power-generating metallurgy Petrolane chemistry.

Using feature

1.Rated voltage: U0/U: 300/500V

2.The max. Long-term operating temp: XLPE insulated: 90oC, PE insulated &PVC insulated: 70oC. F46 insulated :200oC,

3.The min. laying temp :PVC sheathed cable≥0oC, F46 sheathed cable ≥-60oC

4.Min. bending radius: non-armored cable≥6 times outer diameter of cable, armored cable≥12 times outer diameter of cable.


1.Good transfer ability of signals.

2.Cable with shield is lightning-proof and electromagnetism resistant. It is also has the-anti-jamming capacity between the conductors.

3.You should connect the ends of the shield to the earth when you are instralling the cable with shield. Make sure that do not break and loosen the shield,otherwise the capacity of the shield will reduce very heavily.

4.It can maintain its anti-jamming capacity in various of frequency locations, even when the frequency is changing .
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